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  1. If correct, also change the paging as shown in the example.
  2. Site URL: https://gfxbuller.com/ Hi, I need help to show all my articles by clicking on one (Mobile and desktop) Example http://mihailoandic.com/#/axe-lil-yachty-gold-edition/ Imagen https://ibb.co/J5WW3tJ thank
  3. No, I want to show a gallery of images with the projects ... as shown in the image below ... https://imgur.com/XrRxR25
  4. I want to show the resulting project by viewing only one. Example https://ibb.co/Cs9nnTn
  5. thank How do I show more projects with images when I see only one?
  6. Site URL: https://gfxbuller.com/ How can I change the style that nav shows me in each project? I need it to show images of the projects .. example http://mihailoandic.com/ Also I want to show 2 columns of projects on mobile. thank
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