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  1. @tuanphan I haven't found a solution yet. Thanks for the suggestion I will reach out to those groups as well!
  2. Site URL: https://manshaplan.com/about-us https://manshaplan.com/about-us password: password I'm trying to make one section on one page the full page width. It contains several text blocks and I want them to have more space and spread across wider in its section. I just want to change that one section's width, not my entire site. I found a lot of help how to change the width of the whole site, but not just one section. I tried experimenting, but cant get it to work for only one section. Any help is appreciated thanks! Screenshot attached of
  3. Site URL: https://manshaplan.com/business-planning https://manshaplan.com/business-planning password: password I created "read more" accordion style drop downs. They work great, but I wanted to know if there was a way to make it so only one drop down can be opened at a time. Example: if someone click "read more" on the far left button, didn't click "read less" therefore leaving it open, and then clicked and the centre "read more" button to expand that section, the left drop down would automatically close. Attached is a screen shot of the drop down section fro
  4. Site URL: https://manshaplan.com/ Hi! Website: https://manshaplan.com/ Password: password I've created a "read more" button using a markdown block and added an image to be revealed after button is triggered. Problem is, once the image is revealed the "read less" button is in the middle of the image. I can't figure out how to move the button placement down after its been triggered without effecting the button placement in its "read more" state as well (I want the button to be where it is in it's "read more" state and only lower the placement in the "read less" state). Any hel
  5. @inunzi so far so good on everything else. Thanks so much you're wonderful ! 🙂
  6. @inunzi YAY THANK YOU !!! Markdown blocks worked !! Thank you so much !!! 🙂
  7. @inunziI did try that method in my screen recorded video I posted, but it unfortunately didn't work 😞
  8. @inunzi I added a blank section and just added two code blocks to that blank section. And I'm working with ss 7.1 Thanks again!
  9. Note for above. Both code boxes are the same with different text. The CSS is for both code boxes.
  10. @inunzi Thanks for the help unfortunately its not working the same for me (see screen recording). I'm wondering if there is something wrong with my code box or css code? Code Box: <div class="show-hide"> <input type="checkbox" class="read-more-state" id="visible"/> <div class="read-more-wrap"> <style> ul.a { list-style-position: outside; } </style> <p> <h3>Wealth – planning to build it <i>today</i></h3> </p> <div class="read-more-
  11. @inunzi Yes please I'd still like to know how to get them to stay horizontal on desktop. I have placed them side by side like in your screen shot in edit mode. But once I save and see the preview they always stack on desktop as well for me. Thanks!
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