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  1. Thanks MoltoBello, yea I read that article, but that extracts from the URL. In this case I'm not looking for the referrer.... I need the actual whole URL (or slug) of the page in the variable. It seems to me there might be a way to do it by setting SQF_SLUG variable in a code block. <script> SQF_SLUG = {Page-Title} </script> .... something like that.
  2. Site URL: https://jontyhurwitz.com I have an enquiry form in the site footer. When I get the enquiry through, I have no way of know which page it was submitted from. I have created a hidden field in the form, and would like to pass the Page Title or the slug into this hidden form field. You can see in this image, its the variable SQF_SLUG that I'd like to fill with the Page Title or the Page Slug. Is it possible? I can't find a way
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