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  1. Thank you so much! It works, but is there a way to make the menu a full page without scroll down (image attached)? Secondly, can I ask how to reduce the space between the header – post and font size of the title on mobile/tablet only (image attached)? Because the space looks right for the desktop ver. Thank you!
  2. Site URL: https://cindyclaudia.com Hi, can I ask the custom CSS to change the 'menu' to hamburger for mobile and tablet view? I'm using the Wexley template My site is cindyclaudia.com (password: 123456) *If possible, I'd like the 3 lines hamburger menu. But if not, the regular 2 lines is fine too. And next, I'd like to know how to make the menu content full screen when selected (on mobile and tablet) like the examples I attached. Thank you!
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