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  1. Site URL: http://www.joanneshapiro.com/abstracts-i I have my site-wide animation settings set to none and I have turned off animations in each gallery section settings, but I can't figure out how to stop my image captions in the galleries from crossfading. Is there a way to do this with CSS? Thanks!
  2. Yes, I understand that (see my post above). When I increase to any amount above 0, it crops my images/cuts off the bottom.
  3. Actually, I was wrong--- no matter the px amount the original image will be cropped, unless I choose 0px, in which case the caption is in the middle of the thumbnails (see screencap). Any ideas?
  4. This is great, but in order for it not to overlap and therefore crop my images, I need to make it minimum 40px and it pushes the caption down against the thumbs. Any way around that? I'm assuming either more space underneath the caption or some other way of moving the caption up. If it has to stay here it's at least better than it was before. I really appreciate it!
  5. Site URL: https://lynx-synthesizer-lsgh.squarespace.com/abstracts-i Hello. I'm trying to make pages each with a simple slideshow gallery, including thumbnails and description captions below. When I enable the captions, my images shrink dramatically in size and the space between the caption and the thumbnails is huge. No change to any of the gallery settings seems to make a difference. Is there any way to get the thumbnails much closer to the caption with a regular sized image (same distance above and below the caption if possible)? I've also been searching the forums and help pages but
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