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  1. Hey there, thanks for the reply mate. I just tried that and unfortunately it doesn't work. I tried it on both chrome and safari.
  2. Site URL: https://www.peterotoole.ie/shop/p/style-02-3mrer-bmlsk-kbyjd-lcc3l-p8lns-22le8-byfgp-z5jt6-f24ma Could someone please help me remove the outer grey box here? The one with the squared edges. Thanks
  3. Site URL: http://www.peterotoole.ie/cart Can anyone help me edit the colour of this 'Checkout' button? I'd like to remove the pink stroke at the very least. Ideally it would be great to have it match all my other buttons on the site but I'd settle for removing the stroke. Thanks!
  4. Site URL: http://www.peterotoole.ie/contact How do I change the size of the text within the text fields in a contact form? At the moment it's tiny. thanks a million!
  5. Hey thanks for coming back! No, unfortunately, I was looking for a radius of around 10px or so as opposed to the 50px or whatever the pill shape is.
  6. Site URL: http://www.peterotoole.ie/about Can someone please help me set a specific corner radius for all buttons site wide that would over the regular pages as well as the commerce pages? thanks so much!
  7. Looks like that magically fixed itself right after i asked the question!! lol
  8. I have no idea how that happened as when I took the screenshot a few minutes ago they weren't round! lol Thanks for coming back to me anyway, looks like that has resolved itself!
  9. Site URL: http://www.peterotoole.ie/about Can someone please tell me what code I need to use in order to set the corner radius of these contact form fields? How can I set them to say 10px for eg? Thanks!
  10. Site URL: http://www.peterotoole.ie/about Could someone please tell me what code I need to use to set a certain radius for my button corners site wide? Thanks a million!
  11. Thanks so much for this jpeter! It's after fixed my issues. Can I ask how I would change the corner radius on my buttons site wide now as well so they match my photo corner radius which is 20px. thanks a million!
  12. Site URL: http://www.peterotoole.ie/shop I was wondering how I could round these boxes below for Size and Quantity in my Shop and also on my contact form similar to what I have done with the other buttons on my site such as the 'Add to Cart' button. I was also wondering how I could align the whole section on the right with the top of the photo on the left in my shop. ie align the text 'Cork City Hall Rainbow' and the section underneath with the top of my photo? Thanks a mill!
  13. Hey there! thanks a million for this, I was actually going to post another question to find out how to round some of the other images but this has solved it! appreciate your help!
  14. Site URL: http://www.peterotoole.ie/about Hi there, I'd love some help in tightening up some spaces on my site which I can't seem to do natively and I feel coding might be my only option. The first spot is in my header image where I have my signature. I'd like to pull the signature up alot more so it's the top of my signature is overlapping some of the paragraph above it. The second spot is at the bottom of the page between my Instagram handle @ the text above it. Appreciate any help. Thanks!
  15. Sorry the same problem as my last post. The address above has now been updated. Thanks
  16. Sorry, I removed the number in the URL since I posted the question. The updated address is above now. Thanks!
  17. Site URL: https://horse-onion-layz.squarespace.com/about Started building my site on SS and I have to say I feel a bit disappointed as I heard so much about it that I expected more. There are too many things to list but one issue I personally have is the inability to have more control around the area of spacing without resorting to code. I previously used Divi on Wordpress and that was a whole other league in terms of control over every single element. So I'm simply wondering if anyone knows, when does SquareSpace update on average and when they update, will it likely be 7.2 and mean that I will need to rebuild my site again as I did with 7.0-7.1. I don't fully understand how the updates work I guess. I am hoping they they will continue to build on 7.1 and add more features? Sorry, for my rambling. I'm sure I could of written the above alot clearer! lol
  18. Thanks so much! It works but what it does it stretch or condense the image. It does't reduce the image proportionally. Is there any way for it to respect the original proportions of the original image?
  19. Site URL: https://horse-onion-layz.squarespace.com/about Hi there, Does anyone know the code I need to use in order to be able to reduce the height of my header on mobile ONLY? I am happy with the header size on desktop but simply want to reduce height on mobile. Thanks a million.
  20. Site URL: https://horse-onion-layz.squarespace.com/about Hi there, I was wondering if there was any code that would blend my header image into the background below it. So basically at the bottom of my header image, there would a smooth blend into the grey below it? I added a grey gradient to the image in Photoshop but when SquareSpace imports it, it bands like crazy and it's not doing exactly what I had imagined. Any help, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  21. ABSOLUTE GENIUS Creedon!! Thanks so much man!! Seriously appreciate it! Everything is nicely rounded! thanks again!!
  22. Just tried that new CSS Creedon and it doesn't appear to change the shop items.
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