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  1. It's a portfolio! https://www.chloeliudesign.com/commercial-work/recruitment-tshirt and the password is 000 Thanks!!
  2. Yes I did. But it doesn't seem part of the footer.
  3. thanks, but I don't know why but it's not clickable
  4. Hi. I am new here and still getting familiar with the website. Does anyone know how to make '<logo design social media posts>' this part smaller? It's fixed so I am not sure how to adjust the size and font. Thanks.
  5. Hi. I have just subscripted to a business annual plan. I have chosen a random template called PAZARI to start with but realised I prefer the other template TEPITO. I haven't started anything on the website yet but couldn't switch the template. I thought I could switch the template easily... I am new here, what should I do now :(?
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