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  1. Just to bump this, because it's still an issue. Trying to resolve it now myself, with the link that was posted above, but the fact that we're having to change out photos that aren't even listed and showing in the listings is bizarre.
  2. That seems to be the code to move it up as needed, now just messing around trying to see what order works best in the template and if I can change the actual spots of the buttons/item indentations. PC looks a bit weird, aligned to the right, mobile looks fine aligned to the left. Could just be mobile looking right because of the size limitations, but the variant selection box is above the description now, which is what I wanted. Thanks again!
  3. I'm trying to get the "Bracelet Size" variant selection box to be above the item description, like the "Add to Cart" button is now. I used code for 7.1 yesterday to move the "Add to Cart" button above it, but the variant selection box needs its own code? Unless I'm missing a setting to move it around in the edit design area? Here's the link I included above: https://www.hyperspacecoffee.com/shop/p/2ufpr1p787c0z7jievsvidzu395u69
  4. I did a quick search trying to find a solution to my issue, and think this might be the thread, not 100% sure. Didn't want to start a new one, but I can if that's what should be done. Basically, I've uploaded images to my Squarespace site some time ago, but some of the images are cutoff, and don't show fully unless you right click and do the, "open in new window" thing. I really wish Squarespace would just tell us what the sizes for our photos should be, and then adjust them accordingly to they fit the box. Am I missing something, and is there a way to do it? (I've seen the ratios, and messed with them, don't think that's it?) Here's one product listing showing the third image being weird, and depending which page landing I'm looking at, the first two sometimes look weird: https://www.hyperspacecoffee.com/shop/p/lhhrmimemy82xmiz9tkyipj4fsp7du
  5. I've been attempting to make my website more streamlined and updating images on it the last several days. I've been googling and YouTubing a lot of solutions, but currently have an issue I'm not 100% sure for the CSS coding on, but I think this is the right place? I have changed my shop's background image using CSS, and it looks fine on desktop, but the mobile version seems to be stretching/blowing up the background image, but I'm not 100% sure what the issue is (maybe it's an older photo I had on the site that is somehow being used on the mobile side?). Here's the link to the page: https://www.hyperspacecoffee.com/shop Images attached for my mobile (first) and desktop (second image) views of what I'm seeing.
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