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  1. @tuanphan I saw this popup, and thought it was a good change to try. I copied/pasted the CSS code above, but I'm not seeing the changes. Here's a site page: https://www.hyperspacecoffee.com/shop/p/t0j08zt867gcvo2yuti62ho7esi5qz Password: SECRETCOFFEE Just trying to get the "Size" "Quantity" and "Add To Cart" buttons moved up above the description to see how it looks, and maybe make them a bit smaller...looking around now for the sizing options.
  2. It worked! And I was able to change the aspect ratio on the images there as well, which I needed to do. Thanks for the help! Do you drink coffee?
  3. That worked! I just tested to make sure: https://disc-fish-b397.squarespace.com/shop COFFEE is the password. I already had another template up and going with 3 rows each, and it was going well, but being new around here, doing 40 things wrong the first time seems to be my current method. When I signed up for the monthly subscription, I thought it would be over all the templates, until I hit publish on one of them...not realizing it was locked in the template I had done the least work on at that point, which is this one....
  4. Thank you! New to everything around here, so still learning as I go. I just got the site-wide password up, but now trying to figure out which link to share for it. Is there a specific link you need, because the default template links didn't work when I tested it in Firefox just now, but again, I'm figuring this out as I go.
  5. I currently have 4 items showing per row, but only want 3, as I'm hoping it will help display the images better if they are square and not rectangle. I'm new to Squarespace, and still trying to figure things out as I go.
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