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  1. Hey Tuan, Yes I have embedded mailchimp into my wordpress website no problem. It is with Squarespace 7.1 that I have no idea how to include code/code block. Can't find it anywhere. Thank you
  2. Also - I can't seem to find this You can create signup form in Mailchimp.com, then edit above page > Add Code Block > Paste mailchimp embed code. Please and thank you
  3. Appreciate your feedback Tuan! I can add the back to top button. It is a landing page which are usually soo long. Question - how do I fix this: "---> Site content seems to be skewed to the right. So the left side has border, the right doesn't, and on the phone you can drag the screen left / right, which looks very ugly."
  4. Thank you so much Tuan!!! Hopefully one of my last questions here. I would like to use my mailchimp signup form on this page. I have read all the help articles and talked to chat support, but nada. Your help is appreciated!
  5. Also have an image close to the bottom of the page that cuts off on mobile. Suggestions and help is more than appreciated. Thank you
  6. Hi Tuan, The code allowed the whole image to be displayed however it is showing extended banners on mobile. Any ideas? www.akfitnessandhealth.com/privatecoachingexperience Thank you
  7. You're the best. Do you take private gigs or have a VIP member option? My graphic designer doesn't know any of this stuff. thank you
  8. Hi Tuan, I used this code for my home page worked great. How do I get it to work on other pages on mobile? www.akfitnessandhealth.com/privatecoachingexperience
  9. Site URL: http://www.akfitnessandhealth.com Hi Tuan, Same problem here as most people. Firstly my banner is looking blown up / getting pushed out of the area. I tired different px, still. Secondly, my mobile site is appearing cut off for the banner page. Your help is appreciated www.akfitnessandhealth.com
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