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  1. Site URL: http://www.robin-lyons.com Hello, I am wanting to remove the underlined effect just from the hyperlink of 'Robin Lyons' that happens on my homepage www.robin-lyons.com Can someone tell me if this is possible to remove and how? Cheers, Robin.
  2. Thanks for your suggestions guys. I was hoping there might have just been some plug-in and play code but alas!
  3. Hi Tuanphan, This almost works, with small, medium size page breaks, the video stays full width, but when I pull out my browser window wide, it brings back the padding. Please see screen shots attached of the biggest width where the padding is omitted next to the size from which the padding is brought back (the slightly wider browser window). I'm not sure if an additional piece of code is required? Thanks again for all your help! Cheers, Robin
  4. Hi there, I'm wanting to add a cool mouse over effect when you hover on the images on the 'work' section of my site - heres the link to this section of the site: https://chipmunk-turbot-3bw7.squarespace.com/general-4 The kind of effect I'd like to add like the 'liquid' effect which you seem to be able to add to some images on squarespace or like the mouse over effect on this site's images https://www.hellomonday.com/. I'd only want that effect to be activated when the mouse hovers over the image. I'd also want to maintain the 'slide up' animation when the images initially load onto
  5. Hi there, I'm also having issues getting a video on this page https://chipmunk-turbot-3bw7.squarespace.com/guinness of my website to go full width. I've tried various bits of code people have suggested from different forum threads but non seem to work. Any help would be most appreciated! Cheers, Robin.
  6. Site URL: https://chipmunk-turbot-3bw7.squarespace.com/general-4 Hi there, I've seen this question asked and answered a lot across the forum but non of the different CSS code solutions seems to work for me, so I'm not sure if the template I'm using requires a very specific piece of code...? I'm looking to change my site title to a custom font which I have already uploaded and rolled out to other pages across my website. The font I have uploaded is entitled 'OGG' The link to my site is https://chipmunk-turbot-3bw7.squarespace.com/general-4 Any help most appreciated!
  7. Thanks again for your help tuanphan! This works exactly how I wanted it to on the homepage, however it also has the adverse effect of removing the navigation links 'home','work','video art', 'music' and 'about' from my work page, which usually sits at the top. I want to keep those. ...Any ideas? Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Robin.
  8. Site URL: http://www.robin-lyons.com Hi squarespace forumers. Here is my website www.robin-lyons.com On specifically the homepage I'd like to be able to get rid of the 'enter' button and just make it so if you click on my logo you'll be taken through to the 'work' section of my site. I'm guessing this need some custom code as I don't seem to be able to find the option to attach a link to the logo PNG I have on the home section of my site. I'm using the 'Flat Iron' template if that's useful. Cheers in advance for any help! Robin.
  9. Worked like a charm, thanks so much for your help tuanphan!
  10. Hi there: chipmunk-turbot-3bw7.squarespace.com Let me know if that link works? The particular section of the site is under 'work' Cheers, Robin
  11. Hi Squarespace community, I'm wanting to tweak the formatting of the copy that sits beneath images on one particular page. I've attached an image to this post to illustrate the two things that I want to achieve 1. To Close up the line height whilst maintaining typefaces I have tried closing up the line height by simply using a shift+return but it ends up automatically formatting the copy into one typeface which isn't what I want. I want the first line of copy to stay in 'heading 3' and the second line of copy to be 'paragraph 2' 2. To be able to shift all the text slightly upward
  12. Site URL: https://www.squarespace.com/ Hi there, Does anyone know if it's possible to get the working template of the 'Mark Novo' site being featured on the squarespace landing page (picture of it attached)? I've asked a member of the team from Squarespace but they say this isn't possible. There is a 'Mark Novo' template to use on Squarespace but it isn't anything like the one featured on the homepage. At the very least, if someone can let me know what fonts the site uses then that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance, Cheers, Robin
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