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  1. https://paddlefish-saffron-nn8z.squarespace.com/ pass: 123456 on the request quote page. I will have a background image on all pages. I want them them to stay fixed while the content scrolls over it the background. IF it cannot be done with just with Custom CSS, I'm open to using JavaScript. I've tried the code below, works fine on desktop...but on mobile the content does not scroll OVER the background the background image scrolls with the text. body#collection-blockname .main-content { background-image: url(URL HERE); background-repeat: no-repeat;
  2. nvm... just had to remove the first part. Thanks, I appreciate it! div#collectionDesc { position: absolute; top: 0; padding-top: 50px; }
  3. Thanks but that is not working. I have an intro/cover as my homepage. the index is navigation is not part of the intro/cover page, its a page called home. that is where the page description is.
  4. moved it to another demo so you can see it clearly. The description is under the Home page https://paddlefish-saffron-nn8z.squarespace.com/ pass: Demo2021!
  5. Sorry I hid it on accident. https://sepia-sheep-3c87.squarespace.com/ pass: demo2021!
  6. https://paddlefish-saffron-nn8z.squarespace.com/ pass: 123456
  7. https://sepia-sheep-3c87.squarespace.com/ pass: demo2021!
  8. bumping need to make gifs responsive on intro page https://sepia-sheep-3c87.squarespace.com/ pass: 12345
  9. Yes, it will be on business plan. https://khaki-spinach-srmk.squarespace.com/ pass: 12345 Thanks
  10. @tuanphan I will be on business plan. I changed my mind, I'd like to keep the subpage scroll up feature, so I now longer need to redirect. Now I just wanted to have something different. .. AFTER a subpage scrolls to the bottom, instead of it returning to the "subpage" link of the index navigation I want it to return to the Top (Home) branch of the index navigation. I have slideshow set up as "animation", and it only works we the Home (top branch) of the navigation is "ACTIVE", otherwise if any other link in the navigation is selected the slide animation does not move once
  11. Site URL: http://sepia-sheep-3c87.squarespace.com I'm looking to redirect to regular page or external link, instead of the sub page. How can i change this code with Custom CSS or something: <div class="collection-nav-item" data-url-id="the-lingo"> <a href="/the-lingo" class="the-lingo"> <span class="collection-nav-item-span">The Lingo</span> </a> </div> http://sepia-sheep-3c87.squarespace.com pass: 12345
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