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  1. Thank you! That works perfectly. Thanks so much for your help!
  2. Site URL: https://jules-hunt.com/ Hi I recently customised the thumbnails on my website (in Kester template). However, on iPad and iPhone, the project names no longer appear when you roll over a thumbnail. Can someone help?
  3. Hello, I’ve noticed that when you now click on the thumbnails on tablet/smartphone, the project title doesn’t show up. Can you help?
  4. thank you so much, that worked perfectly!
  5. Site URL: http://www.jules-hunt.com Hello Can anyone help me smooth out the transitions on my thumbnails, so they don't flicker as you move the cursor off the thumbnail? They appear to blink as the cursor moves off the title and it flicks back to the thumbnail, whereas I'd like a smoother transition. I am using the Kester template. Thanks
  6. Hi thuanphan Q1. Custom colour with text overlay. Q2. mywork/bbcni; mywork/guardian; mywork/sapientnitro; mywork/betfair; mywork/nikerunning Thanks
  7. Site URL: http://www.jules-hunt.com Hi there I'm currently using the Kester template and would like to customise the following: 1. I would like to design it so that when the cursor rolls over a thumbnail in the 'My Work' page, the background behind the text that appears is custom to each project, rather than white. Like this example here https://stuffihavedone.com/ 2. I would also like some of the thumbnails initially display as looping videos rather than static images. Again, similar to some projects here https://stuffihavedone.com/ Can someone help? Is this po
  8. Site URL: http://amphibian-soybean-gxlk.squarespace.com Hello I'm using the Kester template and would like to create a simple hovering effect for my navigation bar. All I want is for a line to appear under the 'Me' or 'My Work' text when you hover over it, and for there to be no line underneath either when they are active. Could someone help?
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