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  1. Woah! Thank you so much! Is it possible to increase the padding between the text and the underline?
  2. Creedon! Thank you so so much, man! It works! I'm so excited :')
  3. Site URL: http://hellololo.net Hello! I have a website made with the Avenue template ( http://hellololo.net ). What I would like to do is keep the background color for the pages the same except for the background color of my shop. I've been trying to insert codes here and there, but I'm clearly not doing a good job lol. Any help would be very appreciated~ Have a good one!
  4. Site URL: http://hellololo.net So I know what the problem is but let me explain how I got there first~ http://hellololo.net I wanted my active page to be underlined in then navigation and I found this amazing code on this forum: /* Nav active link underline */ .main-nav ul li.active-link a { border-bottom: 1px solid black; padding-bottom: 0px; } It worked just fine when the navigation and logo were centered, but when I moved the header to what it is currently, the underline got pulled down to whatever size the logo is. If I reduce the size of the logo, the underline moves closer to the navigation. If I increase the size of the logo, the line moves farther away from the navigation. How can I keep my logo image the size it is, while moving the underline where I need it to be? Thank you so much~ PS. Another size question if I may. Is there a way to keep the navigation links to the left and center the logo with social media links in the right corner?
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