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  1. Thank you , this one should work - https://carillon-buttercup-9exn.squarespace.com/region1
  2. Thank you!! This worked perfectly for the individual store pages, but unfortunately the general store page with all the options still shows price. Any suggestions to get rid of it there too? Truly appreciate the advice!!
  3. I realize that I made a change which also changed the url, https://carillon-buttercup-9exn.squarespace.com/bordeaux-wines
  4. thank you, yes I did but unfortunately I was only able to get rid of the price - none of the other aspects went away through the different steps I tried.
  5. Site URL: https://carillon-buttercup-9exn.squarespace.com/wines-1/p/country-feast-set-ssa4m Hello, I have been following various threads trying to remove the online sales aspect of the products page I am trying to put together for my parent's business. I am building out their website which distributes products, but does not directly sell them through their website. I was able to remove the price successfully but none of the other items have disappeared with anythingI have tried (cart icon, quantity, "add to cart" button). Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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