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  1. Quote

    Really disliking squarespace more and more each day. I'm def going to try and convince my clients to use something else for now on -_-


    It's funny, I was never tempted to use Squarespace because the product always seemed crappy. Having used it for the last week, and realizing that I was absolutely right. This particular problem is yet another reason to stay away.

  2. You're supposed to be able to format the navigation bar so that a button shows up to the left of the hamburger menu button. For some reason, the Pulaski template ignores this formatting rule and sticks the button inside the hamburger menu at the bottom. I don't like that. I want a call-to-action button (not just a link) directly in the navigation bar on mobile. It works fine on desktop, but mobile is broken. How do I solve this?

  3. For some reason, the Pulaski theme is automatically lightening all my links when they're hovered over. This is the default functionality. Normally this would be fine, except that I've decided to customize my links and buttons on hover. Specifically, I want my links and buttons to turn a certain color when hovered over. Whatever color I choose automatically gets lightened by whatever default Squarespace is applying. How do I override this default?

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