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  1. @spiketrain, I have a client that's having a similar concern. They have roughly 100-200 photos that they manage within a gallery, and they want to keep the most recently uploaded photo to be sorted at the beginning of the website gallery (instead of the bottom as it is now). It doesn't look like a way to override the sorting function. To make things worse, in the editor, the "click and drag" option is one at a time, so it takes them ages to drag the images up to the top. If anyone has clues, it'd be much appreciated! (My client showing the issue:https://www.loom.com/share/4cb8c58c2ee4468388b39e82ce221931?sid=5e005883-0a16-486a-859f-9442b2d1c225)
  2. If anyone needs help with this, basically if two employees have any difference in their schedules then it's impossible to have them share a calendar and be able to be booked for the same time slot (on days when they work together). If one or more employees have exactly the same schedule, then here's how to make this work: Create an Appointment Type for each employee. Create a Resource for each employee (Appointment Type). Set the Quantity field to 1 for each Resource. On the Availability page (by default it will take you to the Calendars page), make sure both employees are together in the same Group Appointment Type. Click the Edit Availability/Limits button for the Group. Then, within the popup, click the Calendar Scheduling Limits tab and update the Appointments Per Time Slot to 2. It'll include a message saying that appointments can be double booked, but the resource limitation of 1 will prevent the same employee from being double booked. Okay, that's all, hope this helps someone one day!
  3. We have 2 Appointment Types that share 1 Resource (the resource has a quantity of 2) appearing on 1 calendar. The Appointment Type corresponds to an employee, one appointment type for each employee. They both offer Consultation service appointments, so we have 1 Resource labeled Consultation with a quantity of 2 so that each employee can be booked for the same time slot. I believed we had this configured properly but today we received a support request from the client because, when a time slot is booked for one employee, it becomes unavailable for the other employee (and vice versa). I can confirm this is what's happening. I tried setting up a resource for each employee type but the same issue occurred. If I update the employee to allow double booking, it fixes that one employee but not the other....but I don't want each employee to be able to be double booked. I want each employee to be capable of being booked once in the same time slot on one calendar. Is this possible? Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. I have this exact question, sorry to see there hasn't been a response. Did you determine if Squarespace's integrated version differs at all from Acuity's standalone version?
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