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  1. I did try that but then there was no link to the "ABOUT" page.
  2. Hi ReformDesign, you are completely correct! Your reponse was very helpful but I ran into another issue... The only problem is, my porfotlio name is let's say "about" and then each item in my portfolio is like "our history" or "our team." When I put the entire portfolio inside a folder (and I have to name the folder "about" since its on the navigation), it says "about" on the navigation and then "about" in the dropdown menu when I want just "about" in the navigation and not in the drop down menu. Also I want the navigation "about" to link to my portfolio "about" and not my folder "about." Sorr
  3. All the items on my menu are links to a portfolio. Each photo on the portfolio then links to something. I can't seem to figure out how to have a drop down menu for items in my portfolio... does anyone know how to do this?
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