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  1. Site URL: https://bachcollegiumsd.org/ Your responses appear to be leading the Squarespace developer forums, so I thought I would reach out directly to you. We have a client who approved a design for their index page. This index page has text laid in a specific location within the image. Due to the way the client wanted the video directly underneath to appear, we needed to use a background banner hero image rather than an image block so that the image would span the length of the container. As such, getting the overlaid text to place exactly where the owner desires it has been a bit of
  2. Site URL: https://bachcollegiumsd.org/ Hello! Does anyone know of a means to overlay text on an Index Page background banner (hero)? We've attempted to use a code block in conjunction with the CSS layout position property for both "fixed" and "relative." However, it seems to be a moving target with Squarespace as to where you will see the text lay on the image when in editing mode, preview mode or when viewing the image in a live browser. Refreshing the browser screen just seems to invoke a signal back to Squarespace to randomly position the text elsewhere on the page with each refresh. I
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