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  1. Thanks so much! For some reason it doesnt seem to be changing anything... I placed it in the Design / Custom CSS section, is there something I am doing wrong? https://www.lisa-robertson.co.uk/work
  2. Hi I have a similar question... I am using an image block in the poster style. I have added a hover effect and aligned the text to the left when it is visible on the hover state, but I would like the text to be a couple of pixels from the top of the image as well. Any ideas? https://www.lisa-robertson.co.uk/work Thanks!
  3. Hi! No, not yet... I would like the footer to appear above the image like the header, so there isnt the band of background at the bottom, https://www.lisa-robertson.co.uk Any ideas? Thanks so much!
  4. Site URL: https://www.lisa-robertson.co.uk Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help. I have made a gallery slideshow which I would like to be full-bleed behind the header and footer items. I have managed to get it behind the header but is there a way to place it behind the footer content as well? Also, I would like to add a colour overlay so that the text is a little clearer once it is placed on top. Any ideas? Website: lisa-robertson.co.uk Many thanks! Lisa
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