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  1. With all due respect, following the guide with the four A records (as you suggested) failed to connect the domain at all after 72 hours. Inputting the single A value ( from my Squarespace DNS panel connected the site. The dilemma was whether to follow the settings my panel told me to follow, or whether to follow the guide as you suggested. My situation seems to be unique where the DNS values given in my Squarespace panel do not match the values in the step by step guide. What you are saying is irrelevant if I can't get the domain connected at all. I think Squarespace shoul
  2. Hey Paul. I appreciate your advice earlier, but unfortunately it was wrong. I'm hoping people will not fall into the same trap with this confusing situation. I had to follow the exact settings given in my Squarespace DNS panel (which did not match the settings set out in the step by step guide). Only the one A record was required, as in my first screenshot of my Squarespace DNS Panel. The site is now connected.
  3. Hi. It has now been 72 hours with no love. The connection remains unverified. Here is a screenshot of my Squarespace DNS panel and my Crazy Domains DNS settings. As you can see, i have matched the settings from the guide rather than from my panel. Anyone have any ideas?
  4. Hi Paul. Thanks for your reply. I've updated the records on my domain ends DNS settings according to the guide, though i've done it specific to the Crazy Domains version (https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/217579448-Connecting-a-Crazy-Domains-domain-to-your-Squarespace-site) which specifies not to use an "@" in the subdomain field for each A record but rather keep it blank. My squarespace site is still yet to finish connecting. Fingers crossed it does before the 72 hours is out. Will keep you posted if it fails to connect. Thanks!
  5. Hi Paul. Thanks for your reply. I assume you mean delete any old settings I have input into my domain host's DNS settings? As the DNS values on the Squarespace side are simply what Squarespace spat out when I linked the domain (and I don't think I can delete any DNS values on the Squarespace end). My confusion is whether i should be matching these settings that Squarespace produced for me in my panel or whether i need to follow the exact settings set out in the guide that you mention?
  6. Site URL: http://www.effa.org.au/ Hi all. I am trying to link my third party domain hosted on Crazy Domains to my Squarespace. I have been following the step by step guides provided by Squarespace (https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205812378-Connecting-a-domain-to-your-Squarespace-site). I am getting confused with some of the required data. Currently, my site has different values listed to what the guide says it should in the DNS Settings. For example, my DNS panel lists the required data for the second CNAME as "ext.squarespace.com", yet on the guide in the link I
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