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    heytom88 got a reaction from bangank36 in Image hyperlink in annoucement bar?   
    Thank you so much for your reply @bangank36
    Is it possible to have two links in the annoucement bar? I've got the logo+email address as a png (needs to be hyperlinked to the email) and then the phone number - again, ideally, linked, or at least can be copied and pasted? Is this possible?
    Bonus points - how is it possible to align the text to the image? I need to lower the type, or move up the png?
    Thank you!
    Password: hello123
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    heytom88 got a reaction from bangank36 in Image hyperlink in annoucement bar?   
    Site URL: https://tangerine-krill-3gdl.squarespace.com/
    Password: hello123
    hey all!
    I've got an image in the announcement bar (see link, fixed at the bottom) and need the image to be clickable - it has an email address, which once clicked would open up the email client. So mailto: hello@ninawrightinteriors.com  how do I do this?
    Using squarespace 7, on "Basil', using business plan
    Thanks so much in advance!
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    heytom88 got a reaction from tuanphan in Full width landing page visual to fade out?   
    Hey again - client has decided against this, so please dont worry about finding the code. Thanks so much for your help, though!
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    heytom88 reacted to tuanphan in Custom CSS - Gradient Header for Media Screen - Sonny Template   
    New code
    header.Header { background: #f5f5f5; background: linear-gradient(180deg,#f5f5f5 0%,#f5f5f5 0%,rgba(245,245,245,0) 100%) !important; }  
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