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  1. This code also seems to be using the loading screen on every page. I only want it to show up when customers first come to the website on the home page; is this possible please? CODE IN USE:
  2. Site URL: http://www.saladishy.squarespace.com Hi Guys! @tuanphan I found your code online for loading page image which is working great - THANK YOU! Is there anyway I can have it so that the screen is black at first, the logo fades in, and then fades out as currently is? Appreciate any help. Thanks
  3. 1st Image: I want to target this line of text but can't figure out the code to customise it... 2nd Image: the code for targeting the header was h1#sqs-slash-page-header - looking at the code around the subtitle, I've tried targeting from the inspect code available. but with no success. How am I meant to target this line? 3rd Image: You can see on the left, the image in situ on the site, it has a background overlay which is making the image dull. On the right is the original image. Squarespace must automatically be placing an overlay on the image. Can't believe SS still don't have this sorted out within the style menu - made worse by the fact you can't both view your lock screen design AND input the code injection at the same time, so it's a tonne of back and forth to adjust. Thanks
  4. Thanks @bangank36 I seem to have been able to resolve the body font of the title there but the other linked post still doesn't unfortunately help with coding to target the subtitle part of the design or automatic image background overlay that's present. thanks
  5. Hi @bangank36 Thanks for your reply. PW (case-sensitive): #Done2020! Thanks
  6. Site URL: http://www.travlux.co.uk Hi All Has anyone successfully customised the Lock Screen in 7.1 to change fonts, sizes, colours, background overlay colour etc? Tried adding some code with CSS and Code Injection but having no luck. A little frustrating that this isn't just a standard feature Thanks
  7. Hi @tuanphan I've not yet resolved it but it does seem to change from browser to browser and on different computers. Thank you for the code to fix the white space on the right. I think this is being caused by the logo carousel part way down. Thanks
  8. Looks like it might be a Chrome issue. Just tried on another browser and it's not there. Current homepage isn't staying, but the logo scroll plugin half way down seems to be causing some width issue. Not sure how to resolve that one... It's a code block using and elfsight plugin. Soon as the plugin is enabled, the site width changes and the logo block is misaligned.
  9. Site URL: http://www.travlux.co.uk Hi All Just a general housekeeping query, but I have some white space under my footer site-wide. It's pretty annoying and I can't get rid... any ideas? Thanks in advance
  10. Hi @tuanphan I've just replaced the images so that there's less space around the logos within the image file itself. Does this look sufficient now to work with? Thanks as always!
  11. Morning @tuanphan URL: www.richardgreencreative.com/wedding-films I have already replaced the logo but it's proportionally smaller than my other logo across the remainder of the site. Thanks
  12. How's best to go about adding the two images for mobile in this scenario? The current images displayed are through the index page setting in the Media Banner/Thumbnail? Am I best uploading the images I want for mobile in the custom files area and providing the links to the image. Thanks as always for your help
  13. Is there also a way to resize the image container when replacing the logo so that proportionally it can match any other nav logos cross-site? Thanks
  14. Hi @tuanphan I know that this from a while ago but just picking it back up again. If possible, I'd like to use different images on mobile so that the dead space is reduced. and, 2. make it so that they both display side-by-side on tablet as they do on desktop. Is that possible please? Thanks
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