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  1. Site URL: https://www.greenconltd.com Hi All Just looking for some help with mobile specific code please. Website: www.greenconltd.com I have an index page being used as a home page using projects to categorise sectors of a business. It displays as required on desktop but there's a bit too much dead space on mobile devices. Ideally, I'd like for the index pages to display below one another as they currently are, but so that they're both visible on screen as you visit the website - either by scaling or reducing the padding I've tried targeting the blocks but I'm not h
  2. Site URL: https://www.richardgreencreative.com Hi All Trying to edit how my website displays on mobile. I have a red primary button in my navigation menu in desktop mode. Mobile mode is forcing this to a white/no background colour and I don't like how it presents. How do I target the button background colour for mobile only so that it has the same red background on mobile. My second issue is that my text on my Wedding Films page is having some alignment issues. I like how it's presenting on desktop but would like all the text to be center aligned o
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