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  1. Yes, I have sent the same question their way. I think you asked earlier (maybe the post got deleted?) re: specific links. The donation page (now live, the button for the form is the white one with green text near the top in the 'Give Online' section): https://www.kgbf.org/donate The link for 'Problem 2' above (button to lightbox at the bottom of the page): https://www.kgbf.org/find-your-affiliate An example of what I'd like the above two lightboxes to do (click on form button in 'Recycling Markets Directory' section that says 'open form'): https://www.kgbf.org/promote-recycli
  2. Site URL: http://www.kgbf.org I have a two-part question. I bought the I purchased the Squarespace Lightbox Anything plug-in on Friday, but am having trouble configuring it. I'm having two main problems. PROBLEM 1 I primarily bought it because I need to put a donation form from a site called Bloomerang on our nonprofit's donation page (currently disabled/hidden from public view, FYI). Their form is really long and off-centered, and originally it was in a code block on our donation page. I've uploaded the JS and CSS files from the plug-in to the site, and put the code in the ad
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