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  1. Creedon -- That's perfect! Thank you so much! I so appreciate your help.
  2. Creedon -- Do you also have CSS for how I can change the font on my mobile device for the site header/site title?
  3. Creedon, Thank you! I so so appreciate your help. The site title changed but it didn't change the font where it says "color shapes you" here: https://shopfigureform.com/
  4. Site URL: http://shopfigureform.com Hello, I am totally new at this and am trying to figure out how to add a custom font to my site. I've uploaded the font in the custom files but I can't change the site header (I think that's what I'm trying to change?) I want to change the font in two places on this page, where it says "FIGURE FORM" and "color shapes you" seen here: https://shopfigureform.com/ I'd also like to change the font on this page where it says "Hello there-- I'm Shana..." seen here: https://shopfigureform.com/fanny This is what I have:
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