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  1. I noticed it shows up ok when I use the subdomain: https://teacreek.squarespace.com/ But not when I use the domain: https://www.teacreek.ca/ On both Chrome and Safari on my MacOS.
  2. @creedon Yes it is. I'm also on MacOS on Chrome, still no go. I've cleared the cache too. Still no go (still blank). Wonder if it is a cookies issue? Because it also shows up blank on my other devices... Will try clearing cookies and see? *update* cleared cookies and cache and all browsing data in Chrome, still nothing showing up in the instagram gallery. I am stumped.
  3. Site URL: https://teacreek.ca All that shows up is a big blank space on our website home page! NOT GOOD! I have: √ reset the Instagram social link. It works fine, new images load up fine and are copied to squarespace fine. √ adjusted the gallery settings √ added and removed the gallery √ changed the gallery format (grid, slideshow, etc) It shows up fine in editing mode, but as soon as I save and view the website, a BIG WHITE BLANK SPACE is where the gallery should be. I tested on my phone, different browsers, and no go. SUPER NOT GOOD. Any solutions? Also, this forum lay
  4. Check your "social links" under settings. I find I have to go re-authorize instagram every week or so to keep it working.
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