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  1. The above id will not work on anyones site but mine, the one I used to test this on. The upside is that you get all the regular styling of the other text blocks of your site/page. If you need help discovering the id of the text block let us know. Please do set up the text block exactly as you want it to appear without the border before asking. We will need a detailed description of where the text block is on the page. Then once we get the id we can give you specific CSS. Thank you for the reply. Please can you assist with this.
  2. Site URL: https://www.seanvantonder.co.za/family-collections Hi guys I have created a page - at the bottom I have inserted custom css as I wanted a border around the text. But now the font does not match the rest of the site. How can I fix this? I used the following css on the page. <div class="boxBorder"> On Location Photography Family of 5 30 Professionally Retouched Images Online Gallery to Share with Friends and Family USB Memoir Box with 25 Jumbo Prints PostNet to PostNet Courier </div>
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