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  1. Ok, thank you. Right now it is just a test page... I will come back here with this informations when it is finished so far. Thought it would be an easy "click" or thing like that.
  2. Hi, ok, thanks. No answer until now.
  3. Hi all, I've just created a member area. All fine so far. I want to add the member manually to this area with name an e-mail address. After done this they will get a mail with a link to a login page. Is this possible? How can I do this? Especially the login page? It should not be a registration page, just login after being added manually to the member area. Thanks and regards Tina
  4. I want to add a text field on my page with a visible line around it. Is there any way to realize this? I could noch find any option like that.... And just another question: Can I add a button like "part 1 finished" and after pushing it the next part will be shown? Thanks and regards Tina
  5. I've just created a member area for our new website. What I've already found was to show a separate navigation at the top of the area. But now I want to have it like a navigation menu with all topics next to another like screenshot attached here. At the moment they are just shown in a kind of drop-down window when mouseover the main topic. How can I do this? Thanks and Regards
  6. Thanks @tuanphan think I could solve the problem right now.
  7. Thank you @SpencerC and @paul2009. I will try this and for further questions I mention my website within the question.
  8. Hi, last time I asked a question it was solved and so I will just try it once more. I've read several answers to similar questions, tried a lot of codes but it doesn't work. I like to fix the header on top or better that it appears when users start to scroll the page. Really I have no idea to get this. Would be happy to find help here again. Thanks Tina
  9. Hi @colin.irwin I've tried to use your code to hide header and footer from a single page of our website. But I can't find the collection-id, using safari browser. Do you have a nearer tip finding this id? Thank you! Tina
  10. Thank you! Now it works perfect.
  11. Oh well, I will try the help link of fatcatdesign. We will see.
  12. @fatcatdesign thank you, I'll have a try.
  13. Hi, hope to find a little help here. I have no idea about coding... I tried to set anchor links - linking from the main navigation (placed a "link" instead of a new page) to a special block at the home page. I followed all guides to this topic so far. But it seems not working right. By clicking the link in the main navigation it's loading a while and then just the top of my home page is shown. It's not scrolling down to the section I want to. I've read in the guides that it should be useful to enter the website url and page slug before the specific id in the code. I've t
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