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  1. thank you, but isnt there a way to have the title display like the desktop version? and also for the menu to not look cut out when expanding the burger menu on mobile?
  2. Thank you but this presents a new problem of just the black bar that was underneath the text as visible. id like for when people are on mobile, just like the desktop version the text to be displayed as people touch the project image - I have seen it on other website
  3. bump please help remove TEXT from gallery titles on mobile view
  4. actually no. I still have the problem with the project titles labeled and layed out like that. , and the menu still crops in some pages
  5. Site URL: https://hassansaid.com/films Hello there so I use FLATIRON for my template. on my mobile I face a couple of issues 1- RED: the menu in itself gets cropped once I try to open it, but when I scroll its fine. its like blocked by the content . 2- YELLOW: how do I change the project title and the black/grey outline around it to a different style? like no background behind text or text hover. right now as is looks awful I feel. looking forward to your responses. thank you
  6. yes as far as the ARROW BUTTONS on the side to move to the bottom
  7. Site URL: https://hassansaid.com/films#/thisisyoursongfilm/ Hello I am having a problem with my layout - the visuals in the gallery are extremely big and the text layout on the left is VERY SMALL width wise. I want to be able to add more width to the text column and decrease the width of the photos/videos on display. also, is there a way to move the ARROWS that navigate the gallery on the side to the BOTTOM instead of the RIGHT? if there is custom css , I tried under STYLES but no luck beyond project width. thank you
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