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  1. Yes! If you could help me with those that would be amazing! Thanks so much @tuanphan 🥰
  2. I am experiencing this issue since 4/27 as well. Would like to know if there is a fix for this on our end?
  3. Site URL: http://megalodon-leopard-hb9r.squarespace.com/ Hello all. My site contains Chinese characters and I've encountered an issue with the font Noto Serif, selected from Squarespace. On desktop, the font is rendered correctly as serif for Chinese characters. But on mobile, it shows up as sans serif. The difference here is confuses me. I am wondering if there's a way to assign a fallback font, or a code to force it to fallback to any serif font for mobile viewing? I have tried importing/embedding a Chinese font (Noto Serif TC) from Google Fonts, but it isn't cost-effective in terms of file size and severely impacts my website's loading speed. Thanks in advance!
  4. background colour: black text color: white navigation bar: black navigation text: white footer background: white footer text: black Bascially the opposite of the current colour theme. I have a dark theme going so I'm wondering if I could just apply that theme?
  5. Thank you! This is extremely helpful! By the way, is there a way to position the arrows outside (or nearly) the block so that it doesn't overlay the images?
  6. I've created a test page: https://megalodon-leopard-hb9r.squarespace.com/testblog/test password: thankyou
  7. https://megalodon-leopard-hb9r.squarespace.com/suspension/crown-major Hi @tuanphan, here's the link to one of the blog posts. At the moment I have a packshot image with a white background, which works fine with the current colour theme. But I have some other images that has a dark/black background, so I need to be able to change the colour theme of an individual blog post. Thank you in advance!
  8. Hi all. I am wondering if I could apply a different colour theme to one individual blog post without changing the colour theme to all the blogs? Can this be done through a code block or custom CSS? Thank you.
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