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  1. perfect!! youre the man! i would have never been able to pick all that out. Thank u!!!!
  2. Hi Lukas. You got this to work!! How and where did u put it. Looks so good i wanna do same please
  3. Yup it was first thing in this thread and then i saw that the first site took it from minimist.ca and got it to work 🤷🏻‍♂️
  4. https://www.lukaseriksen.com And http://www.minimist.ca
  5. u are amazing. ive even tried changing color to #000 since the example site is black and mine is white.
  6. I’ve tried it completely ion code injection in both header and then footer. And I’ve tried it splitting up the style half in css and the script in code injection. Just seems to make my cursor disappear. I thought since my site is white that changing the color of the cursor to black would work but still no dot cursor. That’s kinda where I’m stuck at
  7. lol I’m that way daily in this pandemic 🙂
  8. My site is www.fitaf.co I’m trying to figure out how to implement that above code also. But i can’t seem to get it
  9. thats seems to be the code. ive tried injecting all into my footer and also tried just injecting the script and putting the style into my css custome. but all ive done is make the cursor disapear completely
  10. thats not my site. thats just where i borrowed the code from. Im trying to implement it on my site www.fitaf.co but cant seen to get that bit of code to work. when i paste all the code into my code injection and change the color since his site is blk and mine is white all i seem to do is just make the cursor invisable
  11. any idea on what or where wrong im placing the code ? ive tried it all in injection and ive tried script in injection and the style in the custom css. all ive acomplished so far is just making the cursor disapear completely lol
  12. Site URL: http://minimist.ca howdy all, I wanted to replicate this inverted dot cursor. my site is white and not black background. I've tried copy and paste all of this into code injection with no avail. and I've changed the colors from #fffff to #00000 and still nope. anyone have any input they can spare for me please <style> @media (hover: none) { .cursor {display:none !important; } } * { cursor: none; } .cursor { --size: 30px; height: var(--size); width: var(--size); border-radius: 50%; position: absolute; z-index: 99999999999;
  13. did u figure this out? where did you paste the codes to get it to work
  14. Site URL: http://www.fitaf.co Hi all, Anyone have any lying around css for adding a background image to the slide out nav on the indigo template of skye. 🙂 thank u for the help!! Jason
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