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  1. Can I move only part of the banner from Additional info? I just need to put the banner under the purchase button. and I'd like to leave it where there's additional information.
  2. Sounds great! Please give me the code to move it. I already put this in Additional info.
  3. Site URL: https://higieneinc.com Hello, I tried to add paypal's "Pay later" banner under or before the purchase button. But the squarespace doesn't provide any solution to put html code at their product pages. I attached some image that help to understand. Please help me to put the banner before the purchase button. Thank you for your time. Best regards, Mason Our website https://www.higieneinc.com Here is the info about the paypal banner https://www.paypal.com/ppcredit/messaging/code?layout=text&logo-type=primary&text-color=black
  4. Site URL: https://higieneinc.com Hello, I tried to add "paypal credit marketing message" to the item page. I added the code to the header and footer by code, but it doesn't appear on my item page. How do I add "paypal credit marketing assets" to my product page? Thanks for your help
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