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  1. Site URL: https://finch-amphibian-bc3g.squarespace.com/ Hi, I've managed to change the text and colour of the overlay but I would like to change the image overlay on hover to cover the whole image and also for the transition to fade in. See it in the 'Our Clients' section at https://finch-amphibian-bc3g.squarespace.com/ (password: emarketing123). Any help appreciated. Thanks, Emma
  2. great thanks tuanphan, that worked 🙂
  3. Hi paul2009, I've managed to change the style the only problem is when I hover over there seems to be a colour over writing it. It changes to the correct colour for a millisecond and then changes to a lighter grey. You can see it here: www.carpeimmobilier.com/contact-us
  4. Site URL: https://pumpkin-platinum-sg2t.squarespace.com/config/design/custom-css Hello, I'm trying to change the Form 'Submit' button to Optician Sans to match with my headings and also other buttons on my site (Brine family). I've used the following code to change the site buttons: .sqs-block-button-element { font-family: 'Optician Sans' !important; } But it doesn't change the form button on my contact us page. Can anyone help?
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