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  1. I need the footer to be transparent over the image on each page, thank you.
  2. Been trying to figure this out all day to no avail...... Want my footer to be transparent with my background images like my header is. does anyone know the right css code? andersonair.org
  3. yo tuanphan im trying to do the same mine is andersonair.org how would i do that? Thank you
  4. Last question about this, how do i make my rates drop down menu transparent as well?
  5. one more question. how would i make these changes to every page's header on my sight. I tried injecting it in advanced css settings onto the about page but it isn't working. I'm assuming because the code id number is incorrect for that page. I've just been having trouble finding it in the Page source code. Thank you.
  6. i also want the header/footer to be transparent over the images i have on the home page.
  7. Site URL: http://www.andersonair.org I just need to know how and what css code to inject into my advanced settings in order for my header and footer to be transparent. im a self learned coder still trying to figure out things. thank you!
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