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  1. I have not yet, I wanted to get my sitemap indexed first before hand. I have some blog posts that generate thousands of unique views a month and I want to make sure everything is in place.
  2. Site URL: https://www.mackeydesigns.com So naturally with the 7.0 to 7.1 change, I had to rebuilt my website from basically the beginning. ive never had this issue before, but now it seems as though a few days after the change, my sitemap is not loading on my custom domain. For reference, I don’t manage my domain through SS, I manage several domains in one location and just update DNS data as needed. In order to get my domain connected to my new 7.1 site, I needed to disconnect it from my existing 7.0 site and re-authorize it for the 7.1 (took only a few minutes). ever since the change, the sitemap will not load on the custom domain link: https://www.mackeydesigns.com/sitemap.xml but does load on the squarespace domain: https://clavichord-bamboo-348s.squarespace.com/sitemap.xml ive reached out to live chat support twice now, and they keep telling me wait. In my experience it never takes this long for something to update, especially when the SS domain has the correct data displaying. any help or insight would be great.
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