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  1. Hi there ! I have set up acuity scheduling for my client and when we went through the platform my client asked me if it was possible to use it to manage her monthly coaching suscription. She spends a lot of time sending invoices to her clients and wants to automate this part of her business. So we thought that maybe Acuity was the solution but I'm not familiar with the "pack and subscription" part of the platform yet. My client wants to sell monthly coaching pass which gives the right for the client to have 4 appointments per month. Her concern is : will the client be charged for the
  2. Hey! Thank you for your answer. I'm currently working the wireframing of my site so nothing is up on Squarespace yet. I'm looking to create a summary block showcasing my blog posts like this . When using regular summary block, you only get the blog picture and the title showing, not the whole blog post.
  3. Hey there, I'm looking to replicate this kind of summary block. I know it's using blog posts but I can't figure out how to let all the blocks from the blog post to display on the summary block. https://shark-tuba-45z8.squarespace.com/about?password=demo Thank you!
  4. Hey, thank you for the link, I've already seen this video and it's not quite what i'm looking for. I want to have animation of images only when scrolling up and down, not animation consistenly. Any ideas? best, J
  5. Hello hello! I'm trying to find a way to achieve moving images vertically on scroll but I'm a bit confused with CSS and JAvascript etc. Here's the result I want to achieve : https://revampdesignstudio.com/branding I do not have a website online right now on which to implement it but I want to know the main code to add it to my future site. (I'm still wireframing my website at the moment) I'm quite new to CSS and newbie at Javascript but I'm on my way to learn so any help will be really appreciated 😄
  6. Hi ! Thanks for your answer. I've tried the CSS, it worked for resizing the logo 🙂 but I was wondering if I could just keep the hamburger menu icon only on the top corner when scrolling down. So still have the banner with the logo on top but when scrolling, only the menu stays.
  7. Site URL: https://cranberry-bison-yxfe.squarespace.com/ Hi there ! I'm building my first website ever on Squarespace, I'm almost finished with fixing the little details but I want to fix my navigation bar when scrolling on mobile. The logo is huge so I want to make it disappear and I just want to keep the hamburger menu icon on the top corner when scrolling down. I've tried to find solutions but it doesn't seem to be working with me... Thank you ! https://cranberry-bison-yxfe.squarespace.com/ password : tidyzenzen
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