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  1. Honestly, I want to - however - I really don't want to separate the main site from the shop - I want it all nicely integrated, and the design and overall functionality of Squarespace is much better than Shopify, however the ecommerce capabilities of Shopify are much better than Squarespace... So it's a conundrum!
  2. For customer continuity experience, I have consolidated my Squarespace & Shopify site into just Squarespace. I'm hitting up against some important lost features which I extremely surprised are missing, but I wanted to check it's not just me. Abandoned carts: it does not appear possible to see who left their cart & the products they had in their cart upon abandonment. Barcode scanning seems limited only to barcodes? No QR code support? Really? Pricing shipping is difficult with such limited options. I was able to price shipping previously such as (example): $15 for a
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