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  1. Yes I would think if you were getting paid for your time a puzzle may be more fun! My husband usually does computer / web stuff for me so I was assuming for this to continue however I have built the whole thing myself (with the template that feels a little like cheating) but I'm proud of that. As it turns out I didn't need to be too worried as I have had no bookings so far!
  2. Thanks for your reply Catherine that's a great idea. I'm not a web designer by any means but sometimes I do feel a little restricted by the limits of squarespace or the template. As I'm typing I've thought of one downside to doing the discount code that the price will appear higher when clicking through to the workshop but I could make that pretty clear right at the beginning of the description I guess. Thanks again, Rachel
  3. Site URL: https://www.stitchpointstudio.co.uk/workshops/curvy-concord Hi all, Sorry if this has been asked but I can't think of how to even word this to use the search! I run workshops for sewing lessons and have set up this booking on a product page as usually I send the fabric with it too and they are set dates. I want to run one where people have an option to have fabric with it for an extra cost or not. So currently I have set it up with different variants of fabric or not. Places are limited for the lesson to 4, so potentially if I have 4 non fabric and 4 fabric options
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