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  1. So this is the same issue that I am facing with the click through not working.
  2. Hey! This is exactly my issue as well with the click through! The rest doesnt bother me as much but the click through does! Did you manage to solve it?
  3. Hm that is strange. Cause it doesn't work on either on my phone nor in my webbrowser surfing in mobile version. Also thanks for taking your time to reply.
  4. Hi! I am talking about that the image is not clickable. They are shown properly but are not links which would be the most intuitive way of accessing the gallery on mobile.
  5. Site URL: https://www.otma.studio/ Hello! When browsing my website on laptop you can click on the images in the index gallery and you go forward to the new site. On mobile this doesn't work the same way. Now you have to click the title in the bottom which is not intuitive at all. How can I fix this? Thank you! Maurits
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