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  1. Hello! Yes I do. On my website the header is frozen on the top of the page as you scroll down, but as you see with the link "Packages" on the header that's a Mega Menu, this mega menu doesn't work as you scroll down the page. In the future I will make all of my header navigation links mega menus. Can you tell me how this frozen header menu that you made for me can work with a mega menu?
  2. I would like to make all of the menu links mega menus in the future. So I would like the mega menu to work with the code that you recently gave me. Please let me know what adjustments are needed. Thanks!
  3. Thank you so much for the response! I just implemented this code and it looks great. There is however one issue. "Packages" on my menu navigation is a Mega Menu. When you click it a Mega Menu will drop down and three images appear. When I add your code to allow the menu to stay at the top of the page, the Mega Menu disappears from "Packages." Is there a way I can keep your code and keep the Mega Menu for "Packages"?
  4. Hi Admins, Is there someone available to advise for this? I'd appreciate it so much! Thank you!
  5. Site URL: https://www.twoofakindrentals.com/ Hello! See attached for a screen shot of my website navigation circled in red that i'd like to freeze on mobile & desktop view. When people are scrolling on my site I need just this bar (circled in red) to stay at the top of the page so customers can easily navigate to other pages without scrolling back up to the top again. I only want the navigation bar circled in red to be frozen, not the company logo. How would I go about this? And is it possible for mobile too? Thank you!!
  6. Site URL: https://www.twoofakindrentals.com/ Hello! For desktop my website's homepage is designed just as I like it. But on the mobile view the sections of images/text are longer vertically and taking up a lot of space. I already reduced the size of the images on mobile view but it's still too messy. How can I adjust the mobile view so that these sections of images/text are in rows of two and aren't taking up their own rows per image? I'm attaching example images showing you what sections i'm referring to. Thank you
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