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  1. Site URL: https://www.michaelluckemusic.com/transcriptions/p/fred-hersch-songs-from-home Hi, I'm trying to eliminate some extra space above my Slideshow. This extra space wasn't showing up when I created the page, and I only noticed when I looked at it fullscreen. I'm not sure that it's a CSS issue, because when I click to inspect it, the gallery shifts upwards and the space goes away. Also, if I set the slideshow to Autocrop the images, the space disappears, but my images are too cropped on the sides for me to use. So, I'm wondering if it is a cropping/gallery width issue? I've played
  2. Site URL: http://www.michaelluckemusic.com Hi, I'm new to Squarespace and trying to get a Store set up the way I want it. I sell sheet music, but due to copyright issues, several of my items are sold on another site. However, I would like to have all of my items grouped together in the same space, regardless if they are being sold directly by me, or not. Here is a link to my store page - https://www.michaelluckemusic.com/store. I currently have it set up so that the items directly underneath the "Transcriptions (Published)" banner are contained in a few List sections, and the images are clic
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