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  1. Site URL: https://www.simplyeleganteventsbykim.com/plan-your-date-night Hello.....I am a novice……..But, I am working on my site. I read all the info and watched the videos about code/embed blocks. But, I am stuck on one page where, I'm trying to embed code into a block. I am attempting to embed a design made in Canva. It was easy enough getting the embed code and inputting that right into the "code block" on my site. However, there is a unsightly bar with CANVA page 1/1 and a link at the bottom. I do NOT want that in the middle of my page. Is it possible to remove this or hid it. I don’t like it. I typed all the same info right on the page, but, I like the way it looks from Canva better. So, just trying to see if there is some work-around for this? Thanks in advance. I'm kinda of tired of the same font and look on EVERY single page.
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