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  1. Hi there I am thinking of using Squarespace to set up a personal blog, and before I do I wanted to check the policy on adult content. I had a whizz through the TOS but could not spot anything so any pointers would be most appreciated. I know some hosts and blogging sites do not like anything of an adult nature so I thought it best to check first. By "Adult Content" I am thinking of - text that discusses sexual acts and relationships - text that focuses on BDSM consensual sexual relationships - possibly images illustrating the same, but no overt 'porn' (hard to define I know, let's say no videos of naked people but possibly photos) - possible links to adult sex toys or lingerie if it suits the post topic Would anyone know whether Squarespace are happy to host this? I don't believe it is too racy but I know everyone has different standpoints thanks Miss Bliss
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