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  1. hello ! Thank you for your help, all worked ! I have 2 other things: 1/ For the calender block, when I am in the mobile format, I can't scroll the text in the hover of the event as it is in the computer format. (I attached 2 pictures mobile and computer format to see the difference) I would like to be able to scroll the text in the hover of the event in mobile format. 2/ Attached I sent another picture - in mobile format, when I click on a event, I scroll down the all description and at the bottom, the typo/police of the text for the other event is too big. How ca
  2. Q2. You mean text or background color? yes background color 🙂
  3. Site URL: https://www.therootsmovement.org/workshops-1 Hello, I would like to change the color of my calendar, 1 / when I am in computer format, the title in the hover content for an event is appearing in dark grey when I would like it white. Also the numbers of the days are not appearing in black in the white cases. 2/When I am in the mobile format, the hover is appearing in light grey when I would like a darker color to see the white typo content. Could someone help me with this? <3 thank you
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