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  1. Created a newsletter/promotional popup and it only looks nice on desktop.. On mobile there is no photo, no style, and it goes to the bottom of the page rather than the middle. Can't it look the same as the one on desktop? I've tried the custom CSS codes others posted and that doesn't seem to work. Unless I'm doing it incorrectly.
  2. I'm having the same problem now. Did it work out for you?
  3. is it possible to make the time field unrequired? mine does not have the required box checked, but still receives an error if not filled out
  4. No, I ended up leaving it. I guess it would make sense to have year when getting close to January
  5. I have a best time to contact section on my form, where client can check "anytime" or between "blank time" and "blank time". So I have 2 time fields available for example they can choose between "8:30 am" and "5:00 pm". I do not have the time blocks checked as "required*" because they have the option to check "Anytime" and so may not need to fill out a timeframe. However, if you try to submit the form without filling out these time blocks you will get an error message and won't be able to submit. Why though, when those fields are not required? Is there a better way to do this?
  6. Paul, thanks so much for this! The seconds box was seriously irritating me! Im so glad I found your coding! Is there also a way to hide the year box for the date so it only has month and day? not as big of a deal as the seconds box, but my clients rarely need to put the year.
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