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  1. Hi Creedon Thanks for your answer although I'm struggling to get the change of order happening. Admittedly I am an absolute novice at this stuff so please excuse any blindingly obvious mistakes I am making. I have attached 3 files of my coding attempts. I would be super grateful if you could tell me where I am going wrong. https://www.hempconnect.co.nz/shop I'm wanting to adjust the order to: All / Oil - 6 / Hearts - 5 / Protein Powders -7 / Flour - 3 / Combo - 2 / Gift Card -4 The number above shows the order they are in now (default). Warm regards, Jacob
  2. Hi Tuan Thanks so much for your wonderful response as we have now fixed the mobile issue with your suggestion. The only issue now is that I have uploaded the second (replacement) code as you suggested but cannot change the height on the desktop images (example attached). I tried changing the 500px (both) in the code you provided to 150px, 250px etc but it did not seem to adjust the height of the picture. Would you be so kind as to advise where I am going wrong?? I have also attached a picture of the code as entered on square space. Warm regards, Jacob
  3. Site URL: https://www.hempconnect.co.nz/recipes-1/2020/4/12/hemp-connect-vegan-hemp-cheese We are having trouble figuring out how to adjust our Blog, Recipe and Article images so that they are fitting on mobile devices. Desktop is fine but see in the attached photos that shows how all of the photos are cut short with the grey block. Any help/advice in rectifying would be greatly appreciated.
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