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  1. I ended up adding another product to the product page, if that makes sense, by using the 'additional info' tab. Seemed like people were able to figure it out reasonably well. Best of luck! K
  2. Also following; we're not looking for how to edit the emails but how to edit the order invoices that we print out to include with packages. Mine has the logo taking up half the page 😕 Kim
  3. Have you tried using the variants? You could have one option as just a case of coffee, then the next would be coffee plus mug. I have found it looks well to put the different prices in the pulldown menu, otherwise customers can't tell how much it is until it's in their cart. So the pulldown could show: Case of 10 bags coffee $100 Case of 10 bags coffee plus mug $115 I hope that's helpful.
  4. Hi Paul, I have a similar question, but the price is not the same for each option. I'm selling kits with the option to have one element premade by me, which adds to the cost. I have been using variants but that means I have to watch the inventory like a hawk and try to balance it after every order. The variants were, 'I'll make the beads ($20)' or 'I want premade beads ($32)'. It was easy for customers but kind of a nightmare for me, as I am doing very small batches that sell out in a day. I go crazy trying to avoid overselling! I tried 'add premade beads' as an option to add to an order, but then somebody just bought the added product without the main one. Is there a way to have variants draw from the same inventory count? Or to choose an item and then choose the type, with price add-on? Thanks to you or anyone who has a suggestion! Cheers, Kim
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