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  1. ok, I've found the collection ID #collectionId=5196d546e4b0a0fe04e906ab but I'm still lost after that point! https://ajleather-art.squarespace.com/ is the page, but dont think you'll be able to view it as havent paid to upgrade from trail yet
  2. what you're saying makes sense, but I am struggling to carry it though.. my page's url is just /home so does make the first thing I put in need to be #collection-home ? after that I am very lost. I have inspected element with chrome, but really do not know how to decipher the coding to find what right words to put in. I simply want to make the content all disappear so you can just see the background image. Apologies, very new to this. Thanks again
  3. Essentially I want to have one page, my home page, different to the rest. Is there anyway to do this? I don't mean change the layout or what have you, I simply want this page to have all its aspects transparent. Such as Content Background, Headings Colour, Body Text Colour, so you can just see the background image and it acts like a home page. I want to be able to change the aspects of the page without influencing or changing the whole site... I am using the Momentum template. Cheers
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