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  1. Site URL: http://www.ericlendl.com


    I want to keep my site free of text, as much as possible. For my portfolio pages, I don't want to include captions (just images), but when you click on the image, I'd like full artwork captions included (on the left or right-hand side [or bottom]) of the linked image. Basically need to include five lines worth of text (example below):

    • John Doe
    • This is My Art Title
    • 2020
    • Acrylic on Space Shuttle
    • 150 x 17 x 3"

    Is this doable? Does that even make sense? Effectively, just need artwork details included on the blow-up page.

    Thanks in advance for your help!


    Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 5.22.47 PM.png

    Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 5.23.16 PM.png

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