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  1. I thought I had an idea that might work but the current discounting feature doesn't seem to give us the ability to offer a buy one, get the second one at half off promotion. Unless...if your products are all the same price, you could create an automatic amount off Orders Over discount. For example, if all your products are priced $100, you could set an automatic discount of $50 off when they put $200 in their cart (essentially 2 products). But that only will work on a simple, one price store. How about making it a variant? Like add a variant - get a second product 50% off from the
  2. I don't think that's possible. If you set automatic discounts, they are shown on the checkout page even before customers type in their email address to begin the checkout process.
  3. @robertwyatt - I have a couple of posts about this because it's an IMPORTANT feature to have on an e-commerce store, especially when they just rolled out the new product pages that can hold 10,000 products! I wasted half an hour the other day trying to drag products on a product page that had 150+ products and it was ridiculous! It's unbelievable that this essential feature is missing. I have already asked for this feature to be added but the SQSP support person said no promises that this would be added. I asked in my other post if there is a script that can be injected that would automaticall
  4. Yes, it has. Although you cannot run more than 3 automatic category-based discount at any given time. SQSP support I've been in talks with hasn't gotten an official reply from the engineering team but she guesses it's intentional.
  5. Have you checked out the Squarespace guides? Here is one about subscriptions: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360002012247
  6. It's unbelievable how a simple feature such as automatic product sorting is missing in the Advanced Commerce plan. If a product page can hold up to 10,000 products, how are we supposed to get our products sorted alphabetically without wasting hours dragging products to the right places?!?!?!? I have a product page with 153 products. I added 30 products to it and they all got dumped towards the end of the list. I just wasted half an hour trying to drag each to the right place so they'd be alphabetical BUT the products are not getting put on the right place! Even products I wasn't dragging get m
  7. This is useful! @tuanphan - Thank you! What if I also want to hide the quantity field so that all that shows is the product description?
  8. Go to Pages and then click on the little cog wheel icon to the right of the page you set as your homepage. In General, find the "Password" field, remove the password you set, and then save.
  9. I can't see a way to edit that part out. For physical products, the default is "Once your package ships we will send you a notification email." I wish I could edit that part out, since I have a custom message that goes before all that. I also wish I have the option to turn off the thumbnails in the list of products ordered. It's superfluous.
  10. I have requested this feature from Squarespace months ago. I'm quite surprised that manual order creation (as well as creating gift cards!) isn't a feature here when it's a feature in most e-commerce platforms. Like @flatlander - I get around this by creating a 100% discount code + a free shipping code and ordering on behalf of my customer (who has already prepaid -- I would have sent them a Paypal invoice to complete their purchase). I use their email address so they will receive an order confirmation receipt. @PrairieSchoolCoffee - with a 100% discount, you will not need to enter c
  11. I have a product page that's not linked to my store. I'm using it to put products that I don't want to appear in my other product pages. How do I remove the breadcrumb navigation that appears when customers are looking at individual products on that product page? For example, the page for gift cards. At the top, it is showing "Gift Cards and Custom Services > Gift Cards" with the first part linking to the product page. Basically I don't want customers to be able to access that particular product page and see the items I have in there. Thanks.
  12. I don't t think this is possible using the Squarespace subscription. Cards are charged right away, so if you are shipping at a later date, you'll need to make it clear to customers that when they pay now, their card is charged but you will ship by XX date. For accepting pre-orders, I went with a third-party service like MoonClerk (they also do subscriptions). I signed up for a MoonClerk account just last week to accept pre-orders. I make it clear to customers that they are paying now but I don't ship the products until first week of November since the products are still in production. I w
  13. What creedon said. I wish there was a way to discount products in one go (outside of creating automatic discounts) and that Squarespace would actually make this feature available. It would make managing products and doing promotions much easier. For now, I just create automatic discounts and then mention this in the Announcement bar on my store. Been working fine, and some new customers have been pleasantly surprised by the instant discount when they check out. (Surprisingly, they still managed to miss the info on the announcement bar). And I had a Shopify trial account at the same time I
  14. Is there a way to automatically sort products so they are alphabetical? Right now, if I add a product and put them in several categories, it is automatically put in front of all the products. If I want my products to be in alphabetical order, I have to go in every category I have put the product in and drag it in the right place. There has got to be a better way to automatically sort products so they appear alphabetically.
  15. Go to Discounts and create one for 10% off and another for free shipping (you specify if it's for Any Order of Orders Over) . You will need to give your customer the code for free shipping in addition to the 10% off code.
  16. This morning I discovered that someone from Squarespace created an automatic category-based discount in my store to test the problem I reported to them. The problem was they didn't disable it after they have tested it! This happened while I was still asleep and I woke up to emails from customers saying they couldn't check out. Now I have 2 little girls and all morning I have been taking care of them. Just got a break a few minutes ago to check out the problem. I had to disable that discount that was created so my cart would start working again but who knows how many sales I have lost because o
  17. The new product pages supposedly support category-based discounts now. However, it's broken -- I get a cart error when I try to run more than 1 instant/automatic category-based discounts on 2 different shop/store pages in 2 different categories. Removed those discounts and the cart works fine. I reported this 2 days ago and have not yet received a response. Not happy with customer support. I see Squarespace commercials all over the place and I would think they could put more money in towards providing faster/better customer support.
  18. You could sell pamphlets in multiples of 25. So when your customers put 5 of your pamphlets in their cart, they are buying 125 pamphlets. Just make sure you make it clear in the product title and description that they are buying pamphlets in multiples of 25 (or whatever multiples you decide).
  19. Question for those of you who have upgraded to the new Store Pages and previously had category-based discounts: what are the options now for discounts? I have a number of category-based discounts in my current store and have not upgraded my store yet (received an email yesterday that mine will be automatically upgraded on October 8th) because of this + I don't know how much the upgrade will mess up my current set up -- several Shop pages to work around their current limitation of 200 products per shop page. What's been your experience with the new upgrade? Did it also change the product
  20. This was one of the things I asked SS back in May. According to them, you will have to buy the gift card from yourself because you can't simply generate a gift card for giveaways (buying from yourself doesn't really make sense). I do a lot of promotions and giveaways so instead of giving away gift cards, I give away discount codes (which I call gift codes or prize codes) in dollar amounts (e.g., $10, $20, etc.) that my winners can apply on any order. I sell both digital and physical products so if they buy physical products, they just pay shipping. Been working fine, but it would be nice to be
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